Prithvi nama@ 11:44am 04-16-2017
Hi, I love your work. The art is beautiful. Can you please draw Sati and Parvati too ? I wish to get a tattoo of either one and I would be very grateful if the artist is you. No offence, but I am even willing to pay royalty for using your work as a tattoo. Sati and Parvati please.
Dhrumeel Dutia@ 4:45am 04-16-2017
Rally wonderful! Can you mail me your works? I want it for my personal use, no reproduction commercially. I know one can easily download, but sitting and downloading each one takes time, plus you would have better quality images too. T
Thanking you in advance,
Dhrumeel Dutia
Shashi Shekhar@ 12:37am 04-16-2017
Kudos to the hard work that you brought in your art. Especially impressed by your imagination bro. Keep up the good work.
Raja@ 11:12pm 04-15-2017
Hi. Your art works are really amazing and please continue creating more beautiful, wonderful and unknown ones.
All the best!
Yazhi@ 6:18pm 04-15-2017
Amazing in Heart, mind, eye and fingers.
Ravi@ 10:06pm 04-13-2017
Excellent anirudh
Arpitha@ 3:36pm 04-13-2017
Hats off to you....Great work.Keep Going
Anand Sahasranam@ 11:07pm 04-09-2017
Hi Anirudh

You have really brought our ancient scriptures and poetry to reality through your amazing artwork. Truly your fan.

Keep up the great work.

Lokesh@ 7:49pm 04-05-2017
I'm a big fan of Karna ...theSuryaputra can you pls post his image too.
And your art is really nice loved it ! Pls post karna
Bharath kemminje@ 2:21pm 04-05-2017
Great Imagination and Art work...........Keep doing this innovative work god bless you
Varun gaba@ 7:45pm 03-26-2017
Please get in touch with me , I'd like to have some art commissioned from you , varun 9873335746
sajith t@ 10:56am 03-18-2017
I would like to purchase few paintings.Could you tell me the process please ?
Nitin Vinay Khare@ 11:02pm 03-14-2017
I am too fascinated by your work. I am a writer and a painter as well. Looking forward for engagement with you regarding my upcoming trilogy upon a lesser known mythology related to khajuraho. It will be as epic as mahabharata. Kindly reply if interested so that we can discuss further.
My no. Is 9755046475.
P.S nudity is not obscenity . Those who rejected your work were morons.
Jignesh P Pathak@ 6:48pm 02-25-2017
Man you are The Legend, hates off to you . your work is beyond my words. i am your fan. keep doing great job.
Saurabh Patel@ 9:38pm 02-19-2017
I've never seen such kind of god's photos in the past 21 years of life...!!
Your imagination power is awesome...!!

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