Pulakesh@ 8:40am 04-18-2017
I wonder if these artworks are put together and the complete movie can be made, I bet no other japanese anime or u.s .TV series can beat us.
It will completely change the overlook of these epics. The youth of India will be fascinated.
Subramanian@ 9:56pm 04-17-2017
Excellent non conventional imagination.Really appreciate your hard work and imagination in recreation of the epic characters in a totally different form. You are blessed for this.
Kajal Chhajer@ 1:34pm 04-16-2017
I usually talk a lot but fall short of words precisely in the moment when they are required and this counts among those.
Wish you Good Luck
Prithvi nama@ 11:44am 04-16-2017
Hi, I love your work. The art is beautiful. Can you please draw Sati and Parvati too ? I wish to get a tattoo of either one and I would be very grateful if the artist is you. No offence, but I am even willing to pay royalty for using your work as a tattoo. Sati and Parvati please.
Dhrumeel Dutia@ 4:45am 04-16-2017
Rally wonderful! Can you mail me your works? I want it for my personal use, no reproduction commercially. I know one can easily download, but sitting and downloading each one takes time, plus you would have better quality images too. T
Thanking you in advance,
Dhrumeel Dutia
Shashi Shekhar@ 12:37am 04-16-2017
Kudos to the hard work that you brought in your art. Especially impressed by your imagination bro. Keep up the good work.
Raja@ 11:12pm 04-15-2017
Hi. Your art works are really amazing and please continue creating more beautiful, wonderful and unknown ones.
All the best!
Yazhi@ 6:18pm 04-15-2017
Amazing in Heart, mind, eye and fingers.
Ravi@ 10:06pm 04-13-2017
Excellent anirudh
Arpitha@ 3:36pm 04-13-2017
Hats off to you....Great work.Keep Going
Anand Sahasranam@ 11:07pm 04-09-2017
Hi Anirudh

You have really brought our ancient scriptures and poetry to reality through your amazing artwork. Truly your fan.

Keep up the great work.

Lokesh@ 7:49pm 04-05-2017
I'm a big fan of Karna ...theSuryaputra can you pls post his image too.
And your art is really nice loved it ! Pls post karna
Bharath kemminje@ 2:21pm 04-05-2017
Great Imagination and Art work...........Keep doing this innovative work god bless you
Varun gaba@ 7:45pm 03-26-2017
Please get in touch with me , I'd like to have some art commissioned from you , varun 9873335746
sajith t@ 10:56am 03-18-2017
I would like to purchase few paintings.Could you tell me the process please ?

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