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harsha@ 2:14pm 09-30-2016
can you send me all your pics as an album because your artwork is truly amazing
Arjun@ 12:07pm 09-30-2016
Saw your art works on fb and they are wonderful. Need ur help.
I need a sketch of Karna or Arjuna from Mahabharata. I need this for getting a permanent tattoo.
Please share ur mail id.

srinivas@ 4:23pm 09-29-2016
this is srinivas
i need some india god 30 images re create ......
plz your Ph- number
Padam kumar@ 7:43pm 09-28-2016
Hi please get in touch with me on 9940662076, Mr. Thiru gave me your reference.
Prakash@ 9:26am 09-28-2016
Beautiful are bleesed with artistic hands...loved all your arts. Do you sell in paintings?
Medha@ 2:26pm 09-26-2016
Hi Anirudh, your art work is awesome also I like your posts on Mahabharata and Vedas on Facebook. Keep up the good work!
Vikas Jain@ 10:02am 09-26-2016
Not only it was great watching your art, but also it got me curious to know more about the story behind it.
Joao Gouveia@ 2:16am 09-26-2016
Great work,
I would love to share it. can I post your image on my facebook and use Hanuman Ji as my profile picture for a while? I put the credits of course !!
thanks and great stuff
I look forward to see more about your art
Neeraj@ 1:57pm 09-25-2016
Hi Anirudh,
I'm currently writing a book with some Indian mythology themes and was wondering if you'd be interested in providing some art work for it?
If you are, please email me back and we can discuss further. The style of the art is awesome.
Hemanth@ 3:03pm 09-24-2016
Hey Bro,
Amazing art.I'm a big fan of your art.
I'd like to get some printouts or buy some original painting.
Can you please tell me how much it costs or what to pay before I use anything ?
Rajeev Nair@ 11:35am 09-24-2016
Need to get a painting done. Please contact me on 9620489089.
Sorry to post it here. There was no other way to contact you.
Uma Alwekar@ 8:52pm 09-23-2016
Hey awesome paintings! great work n nice interpretations .. Are they purely paintings or you have given some digital effects !?
Jay thaker@ 5:15pm 09-23-2016
I Intrested your work and I learn more about this milee art,so please send me rply
Dr.Nishanth@ 11:02pm 09-21-2016
hello , am great fan of your work
I need images of lord shiva dancing and in agressive mood and natarajaswamy

thank you
Sujay@ 7:32pm 09-21-2016
Dear Anirudh,
Just Loved your Art... Do you have Art related Great Maratha Warrior Shivaji or Sambhaji.. . Please let us know.
Keep up with your great work.

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