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sheetal@ 4:41pm 11-06-2016
Im sheetal from pune..You have such huge talent n knowledge in u ... you have to spread out this as comic or series in public u'll get gr88 response..all the
Siddharth Gupta@ 10:06am 10-30-2016
We are an export house based in noida and are interested in your concepts and ideas. For more info inbox me on the given email address.
Fin@ 10:04am 10-27-2016
Your art breathes new life into the conceptions of the gods. I see no reason your depictions can't be the ones people hang on their walls.
Karun@ 3:47am 10-26-2016
Amazing work, real feel of heroes well described in art. Glad to see your work. Why don't you write a book of the un known facts about these heroes. I am sure every book says something new about them and people interested not only in india.
neha@ 10:43pm 10-23-2016
my husbands nickname is molee
Amio Das@ 4:56am 10-20-2016
You have a very deep view of art in a modern way. I am currently looking for an illustrator for some Hindu children's books. Please let me know if you would like to work with me on this project for remuneration. Thank you. ---Amio Das, Florida, USA
Sourab chandra@ 10:32pm 10-14-2016
Hey dude you are really awesome man......indeed i want to see your art even more through beautiful and nice description of warrior and saints by your drawings.... Please upload more and more....
Parronttha-Man@ 4:16am 10-04-2016
hailed be thy vision.
for the one who sees with eyes closed, be the only kind of sight there is, that useful to man be.
i write, as you visualize.
what do you think comes next?
we live in a world, where the head is called the tail.
and the obvious is denied to be stated, for the obvious is made out to be a myth.
Indians have a treasure of mythology which is dangerously surreal and real,
yet we are denied of it.
cos popular culture be that of the west, of the invaders.
it's sad that no one of us, truly speaks in expletives, or recounts it, liek the way we'd like to say it.
the way we all see it.
the truth is feared to be spoken of, for the truth has become a myth.
start shall we with basics?
Ravish Kumar@ 8:17pm 10-03-2016
i just love the eternal love you have shown in your pictures which is giving them such a realistic appeal. pls post more of that sort. I am also unable to find ram and sita together pic.
Suvadip@ 9:29pm 09-30-2016
Awesome !!!
harsha@ 2:14pm 09-30-2016
can you send me all your pics as an album because your artwork is truly amazing
Arjun@ 12:07pm 09-30-2016
Saw your art works on fb and they are wonderful. Need ur help.
I need a sketch of Karna or Arjuna from Mahabharata. I need this for getting a permanent tattoo.
Please share ur mail id.

srinivas@ 4:23pm 09-29-2016
this is srinivas
i need some india god 30 images re create ......
plz your Ph- number
Padam kumar@ 7:43pm 09-28-2016
Hi please get in touch with me on 9940662076, Mr. Thiru gave me your reference.
Prakash@ 9:26am 09-28-2016
Beautiful are bleesed with artistic hands...loved all your arts. Do you sell in paintings?

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