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Vardaan Singhal@ 11:56pm 02-04-2017
Mr. Sainath,

Your artwork is a treat to my eyes. The fact that you take references from the literal text to create your artwork is something that drives my attention. It is a really positive step of yours to push the boundaries of the perception towards mythological characters.

Being a designing student at NIFT, it would be an honor to meet you. Maybe we can exchange some knowledge.

Your reply would be anticipated.
deepak@ 11:14am 01-31-2017
harvinder Gogna@ 6:27am 01-31-2017
you sellthis artsplease response .
Sarang@ 2:21pm 01-29-2017
Hi Anirudh,

I am a frequent visitor to your site and I love your artwork. The way you've depicted Indian mythology characters is too awesome and it definitely invokes interest in mythology which is indeed very important from a cultural perspective. The sketches show how rich and powerful our characters were and why they acquire such a deep respectful place in our lives and heart.
All the best and cheers and btw I'd love to have you visit my blogs
Kish Dusharla@ 2:09pm 01-28-2017
Hey Anirudh,
Wud like to connect to discuss some projects, drop me a mail w contact details... Will get in touch

Kish Dusharla
kalyan kumar@ 8:18pm 01-20-2017
Excellent creativity.
Hats of to you. Boss
Krrao@ 3:47pm 01-08-2017
Awesome, yes I truly agree with you as religious fanatics are increasing the concept of VEDAS are misguided , where as other countries are taking in a right direction and trying to beautify their lives., these fanatics are always there will be there don't worry keep it up
Bhavana@ 9:39pm 01-06-2017
Hi Anirudh,

I came through your work from facebook. Its really amazing. Your drawings gave a new perspective to characters we know☺. Keep up the good work☺
Nik@ 9:28am 12-26-2016
Hi Anirudh, I'm working on a short story, and might be interesting in getting some custom drawings from you. Would you be interested? Do let me know.
Abhishek Sagar@ 9:22am 12-14-2016
Hello Molee
Hope you remember me from facebook, have been following your work since the very early times. And I had taken your suggestions for my Pashupati artwork! I would be moving to delhi very soon, see you around.
rajesh thakur@ 11:37am 12-10-2016
Hi all r creative and realistic to epic but female charectors are quite not creditable,rest all nice.
RAHUL VASHIShTHA@ 3:02pm 12-06-2016
Brilliant artwork.
Would like to meet you.
Email me, if you're interested. Have some plans.
Kunal Koli@ 3:57pm 12-05-2016
Such awsome creativity ,
Something new ,
And i felt that every pic was so agressive
And such amazing stuff
Came here through quora
MadhuSridharan@ 10:56am 12-05-2016
Great work. Reached your blog through Quora.. keep up
Divya@ 11:48pm 12-02-2016
Your creativity is such a amazing thing.. the way you presented your perception is awesome. And that words to say

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