Sanjiv@ 7:40am 08-18-2016
Having been a fan of comics, anime and with a strong Hindu upbringing I find nothing wrong with the way you depict the deities...I can see you based them on scriptural description. They are utterly magnificent! Don't worry about the hypocrites who cringe at the sight of a naked female or male body. Keep it up. I hope you can get more recognition and that your passion grows.
Abhishek Khanna@ 9:53pm 08-16-2016
Dear Mr, Anirudh,
Happen to come across your work and must say that every artwork is a masterpiece. I would suggest you if you could share your knowledge among aspiring kids during summer sessions online or via any other media.
I wish you all the best for future work and endeavors and looking forward for new creations.
Vigyanayak The NGO@ 7:24pm 08-16-2016
Hello Anirudh,
We happen to see your work first time, yesterday; and immediately fell in love with it. We are planning to work on a concept, of animating practical sciences, and would appreciate if we can be blessed by your help in this cause. For more information you can follow @vigyanayak on twitter or search for vigyanayak on facebook. Our name is amalgamation of Vigyan (Technology) and Vinayak (Lord Ganesha). Maybe you can help us with bringing our thought process on the paper. We can further communicate on our email address
Thanks in Advance!! And keep up the Good Work!!
HARI AGARWAL@ 6:24pm 08-16-2016
Best of the work ever seen. only thing ever shared in my face book.
gr8 talent, knowledge as well.
naveen kumar m@ 2:25pm 08-16-2016
amazing work anirudh !!!
ur imagination is out of the world , Expecting more work from you from all kinds of mythology and history .!! Please keep it going
A Nrusimha Hari@ 2:15pm 08-16-2016
Great Job Brother.. Keep Going..
I never Seen these type of EPIC or Mythological photo arts.. really awesome art gallery.. God Bless u Brother.... Do Miracles in ds Line.. All the Best
jatinder bhola@ 2:18am 08-16-2016
Great work buddy... Keep it up. I am super fan of SHIVA and HANUMANA.. so if you have some digital HD work then please sent it to my email. I will be really thankful. Good luck buddy.
Swarn priya@ 11:45pm 08-15-2016
Hi, want to buy few artworks. Let me know if u have a store/ site.

Swarn Priya
Ravi@ 9:22pm 08-15-2016
I would love to buy one of your pieces . How does one go about it ?


Anjan@ 4:27pm 08-15-2016
Hey, Anirudh amazing art. Really like your imagination. I might have a project for you. I don't know how to reach you. So, maybe you can drop a mail when you are free.
sarvesh nerkar@ 3:22pm 08-15-2016
Good work!! I wish to see a painting of SHIKHANDI one day. I don't have any image of her/him in my mind.
Antul umang@ 1:41pm 08-15-2016
Can I b a part of such a legacy ?? Plz do msg how can I own one of these masterpieces of art ; a part of our culture n heritage. I will b waiting. My best wishes to u now n always.
Sharvan Kumar@ 11:19am 08-15-2016
Every piece of artwork is awesome. Is there any way , I can get some high resolution pics for my personal use ?
mohinder pal singh@ 10:40am 08-15-2016
How about depicting the 10 Sikh Gurus and all the history attached to them the same way ?
I am sure, you will find a suitable place for bringing the Sikh History to life !
Sumanta Mondal@ 10:18am 08-15-2016
these are awesome... I have never seen this type artistic mind before.. please continue this..
I need your help . would u like to contact me in my mail-id <> .. plzzz

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