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venkatraman@ 6:18am 08-15-2016
Hello Mr. Anirudh, I appreciate your work. This is awesome and never seen before like u did. I'm sure you have a big future to create mega future for Indian cinema industry. However I'm stunned by your artwork when i realize that you are a self taught personality. Fantastic.
Anyway, I'd like to contact you regarding a design project.
Contact me through my mail id :
Guru@ 1:09am 08-15-2016
Good work bro... Please do contact me on my email....
Pradeep Rajput@ 11:42pm 08-14-2016
Loved your talent and Artistic depiction. Keep the good work going. All the best
abhishek@ 11:07pm 08-14-2016
Mind-blowing.... Awesome... No words to describe... You rock bro
JAYRAJ PATEL@ 10:51pm 08-14-2016
Very nice work.....Very amazing.....Very Creative.....
anshuman Khanna@ 10:39pm 08-14-2016
We would like to order some high resolution posters of your images. Do let us know how to go about it.
Kindly contact me at the following number .. 9810030926
Sachin Jadhav@ 10:00pm 08-14-2016
What an imagination Dude.. Spectacular.. Super..Awesome Just Amazing..
Loved your characters' imagination. U r having super imagination power.Just keep it up..
HARI SHANKAR@ 9:26pm 08-14-2016
I m not able to comment about your worship

Sandeep@ 9:09pm 08-14-2016
super art dude .. you have an extra ordinary talent .. this needs to be extended to create video games like warcraft, etc for xbox and ps. good going... keep doing great work.
Dharamendra Choudhar@ 8:58pm 08-14-2016
Absolutely amazing art, great quality and creativity at paramount. Keep it up man, you'r doing great work,so the same will return... awesome!!!
Pradeep Jain@ 3:59pm 08-14-2016
Bro More Pics of Lord Shiva And Pic Of Shiv Ling
Rahul jodh@ 2:38pm 08-14-2016
I saw good work done by you can you focus on rudra apearence in rigveda and attention on shiva and hanuman drawing your work is great but i am expecting fineness in the work.

Thanks you
Dalip Raina@ 2:16pm 08-14-2016
I love the way you art chacters of our Gods.
Saurabh Panhale@ 1:27pm 08-14-2016
Hi, amazing art. Do you sell your paintings?
Sharma Rao Balakrish@ 11:22am 08-14-2016
brother, please work with the Baahubali team. Your artworks are awesome..!

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