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smriti dewangan@ 1:07am 05-24-2016
Hi Anirudh.!
You have earned a Fan today. Really.! You are so amazingly talented buddy.
I mean i'm this one person who gets attracted towards paintings (basically artists :-P ) like how a magnet gets towards an iron piece., well thats the kind of passion i have for painting.! I'm from bangalore and would love to meet you if you come to bangalore next time.
Arjun Pillai@ 4:17pm 05-17-2016
You just rewritten our image about the epic characters... it was so nice to see those amazing works you have done.. keep doing
Rishi Jain@ 3:03pm 05-16-2016
Dear Anirudh ,

We would like to get in touch with you. We represent is a platform for affordable and authentic art which is headquartered in Kolkata and has started operations Nationally as well as Los Angeles. ( for now )

We are currently looking for new artists and upcoming talent through the existing art community of Kolkata initially, then nationally and slowly globally .

We have already figured and listed 18 channels through which art can be sold ... This can be online , art exporters , galleries , auctions and events . We are scheduling our first ever " affordable art auction " in the end of May , first week June .

We have also applied for two patents in art technology and strongly believe and support the PM's Startup India Policy.

Do take a look around the website and let us know if you are interested in displaying the work .

Regards ,

Rishi Jain
Rahul Bhutoria@ 8:38am 05-11-2016
I will be travelling to Delhi on the 15th of may. Like to see your paintings and meet you. Please contact me if you are interested. Rahul
Ashish@ 4:53pm 05-03-2016
Great One. Please share your email ID to buy your paintings
Unknown@ 7:45pm 05-02-2016
First of all, you have a very good talent.
Second, dont you think that the nude paintings of GOD is controversial. Im just saying
Jayasilen@ 11:43am 05-01-2016
Hello Anuridh,

First of all, I'd like to wish you on your amazing work. Truly refreshing!

Currently we are working on an independent and self-funded motion picture that is related to ancient Hindu technologies.

We though some of your pics might be suitable to be used in the opening credits with due recognition to your name.

Hope you'll allow us to use your creative arts and please keep up the great work!

spurti@ 6:58pm 04-30-2016
Hi Anirudh,

I would like to have one of your paintings but on canvas for our house. Kindly revert on my mail id.

BISWA KALYAN@ 11:12pm 04-27-2016
Great thing dost.carry on.
Govind Agarwal@ 10:47am 04-27-2016
Hi Anirudh,

Great art work man. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world in such an open manner.

I have a small project where you can be of good help. Please send me an email with you interest and contact details and we can talk further.

looking forward to hear from you.

Vishesh@ 8:36pm 04-25-2016
Hey Buddy,
You are naturally gifted. Wish I had an animation studio, so that we could come up with epic nagraj and doga and mahabharata and ramayana and many such stuff. I would really love to collaborate with you in future
sathish@ 7:12am 04-24-2016
How do i buy your art? i need high quality JPEG of some of your work. How much is the cost? How do i buy?
Vaibhav@ 11:38pm 04-23-2016
Please upload maratha warrior Kings shri Chatrpati Shivaji Maharaj and Chatrpati sambhaji maharaj art
Shridhar@ 4:10pm 04-23-2016
Hi, great art, I wish you can draw the war seen of GREAT KARNA & ABHIMANYU of Mahabharata in future, would love to see it.
Nithyapoornananda@ 11:59am 04-23-2016
Hello Anirudh.

I came across your work through Facebook.
May I know if you are available for hire on project basis.

Thank you

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