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Anurag@ 8:40pm 09-18-2017
Bro i r true artist n ur coln is jssssss at high level bro bnt u 4gt d hero f epic Karna hope u wl do best smthn abt karna
Manish Agrawal@ 9:36am 08-19-2017
Your artwork is just awesome it is so perfect that the strength, vigour and the phenomena are above the best art work.
In future like to have a connection with you as I am working on comics and your artwork can always shown to the kids through small documentaries where Indian children can learn about their strong mythological past.
Niranjan Prakash@ 9:54am 08-18-2017
Where can one write to you? I want to commission a Ganesha for my own collection. Are you VERY expensive?
Uk..@ 6:37pm 08-15-2017
Hi. Bro keep up the fantastic work.. however I would like to bring to your notice that the hanuman and shiva pictures are very simple colorful. .feeling lacks the dynamics that these deities require.. would request you try creating new ones.. like your ravaan or brahma pictures.. those I feel are very powerful images that meet the eye.. requeating uou as a fan of your art I would like have recreated version of it myself.
Shreya@ 6:39pm 08-05-2017
Anirudh.I am a fan of your work. You definitely have ma Saraswati and Shukracharyas gift for art and beauty. You have read the puranas but you need to develop the knack of understanding what it means. An insight. Like Rig Veda is simple plain facts given as an allegoric stories.As are Shiva and Vishnu... And as a patriot please know that the British poison injected many of our puranas and added verses to vilify the essence of the true nature of our God's we look Upto. It was to destroy the moral fabric of the country and become self loathing! Like kamasutra translated version. The original version does not have the many chapters that the foul man put in from the libraries of mughal dynasty in lodha. So anyway, your intentions are Good.Use your skills to elevate your country men's morale.
PS :I am a Yogi. I know a thing or two about the scriptures I'm talking to you about.
Shristy Singh@ 11:24pm 08-02-2017
Do you work on cover art designs. My book is based out of the Indian subcontinent and kind of a war scenario. Please let me know as soon as possible whether or not you would be interested in undertaking the project.
Shristy Singh
Siddharth Gajjar@ 1:33am 07-26-2017
its speechless man..
its good to see more on Mahabharat significant events art work.. will glad to watch if..
anyways its fabulous.. many more to come man.. good luck
Anuradha Sen@ 2:53am 07-24-2017
That was mind blowing. Keep up d awesome work. N I totally believe no art college could have taught or inspired dat.
Waiting to see more. Best wishes.
rajitha fernando@ 12:08pm 07-21-2017
just wanted say i love all of ur drawings. please tell me where i can read more about hindu mythology as i am obsessed with it.
sunil@ 7:08pm 07-17-2017
Hi, Can I speak to you about concept art works. my contact is 9000992661. Thanks
Avan@ 5:37pm 07-17-2017
Hi anirudh ,
I bow for your imagination and mind blowing art work. I am a person who is very interestedin reading puranas and vedas., i am in mid way of reading siva maha Purana and while reading i usually imagine or visualize the characters . I see your art is close to my imagination. The movies and comics since child hood always shown our gods and charactors of mahabarat as great worriors , however the pictorial appearances dosent ever match the stories. But your art has bought in the real picture of how gods/ worriors would have looked like. Amazing ! Our culture needs great artist like you to teach our next generations . Thankyou.
DinEsh@ 10:45am 06-29-2017
Sir, u r art work is impressive and movivating me to learn.... please guide how to learn this art and drawing ?
waiting for u r mail sir
Tina Sadhwani@ 2:59pm 06-28-2017
Dear Anirudh,

I found your artwork on devinatart and was quite amazed. Thank you for such mind-blowing visuals and extraordinary creations.

Also wanted to collaborate with you regarding book covers (based on what you've already created).. if you're interested... do let me know...

Warm Regards,
Chandini@ 11:30am 06-25-2017
I stumbled across your work and I'm astounded by how you were able to capture the valiance and strength matching exactly how I envisioned these warriors to be from reading the scriptures. Thank you for your art!
Srinivas Raghavan@ 11:05pm 06-24-2017
This attitude of yours will take you no where in life.
"Vidhya vinya sampanne".hope you understand !! How can u not answer my questions ? It shows how we'll your connected with vedas. Every view will have a counter opinion and reply to it is a must since u have written about my religion. Anyways it doesn't matter to me but with a healthy mind set u always tend to grow With this cheap attitude you will perish.

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