Divyesh Joshi@ 8:55am 04-29-2017
Your art is fantastic.
Loved almost all your work. Your skills made me think about a very important character. You should do some research on it and then make it a masterpiece.
The character is lord Shiva's incarnate lord Sharabh. The slayer of lord Narsinh (lord Vishnu's fourth incarnate).
Waiting for your master piece..
Sushant@ 11:58am 04-21-2017
I suggest you to start some comics based on real life heroes like Subash Chandra Bose, Apj Abdul Kalam, some army officers. Write their whole life in your comics. And pls don't try superhero stuff. Try one and publish it online. If you get positive responses then commercialize it.

Because I came to know about Subash Chandra Bose and other fighters from a regional comic book in Bihar. And my friends loved it.
Atlesst try it once
Best wishes
maninee@ 1:37am 04-21-2017
All are awesome .. And we want more like this..plz keep it up.
nimesh joshi@ 2:48pm 04-20-2017
Out of this world , spellbound , words can't define your art .
VIJAY SANGHAVI@ 7:10pm 04-19-2017
Heads off to you Anirudh, you have done all excellent work. Reading complete MAHABHARATA is a great great achievement for you and on top of that the way you painted your imagination is out this world.
I'll keep following you from now and hope to see all out of the world work of yours.
Bhawna Sharma@ 3:25pm 04-19-2017
Awesome Art ...
I would like to suggest you to start a comic series of Mahabharata with your art work .....
Really amazed.... Hats off to you :-)
Akanksha Agrawal@ 4:56am 04-19-2017
Why didn't you make Karna yet??
Ashu Jain@ 3:17am 04-19-2017
Your work is awesome...Hats off to you..But can u draw one pic of Arjun in his chariot driven by Lord Krishna...5 white horses with flag containing hanuman in it...
Amit@ 3:21pm 04-18-2017
Gajab..Gajab ..Gajab... You sir have a very good imagination.
Pulakesh@ 8:40am 04-18-2017
I wonder if these artworks are put together and the complete movie can be made, I bet no other japanese anime or u.s .TV series can beat us.
It will completely change the overlook of these epics. The youth of India will be fascinated.
Subramanian@ 9:56pm 04-17-2017
Excellent non conventional imagination.Really appreciate your hard work and imagination in recreation of the epic characters in a totally different form. You are blessed for this.
Kajal Chhajer@ 1:34pm 04-16-2017
I usually talk a lot but fall short of words precisely in the moment when they are required and this counts among those.
Wish you Good Luck
Prithvi nama@ 11:44am 04-16-2017
Hi, I love your work. The art is beautiful. Can you please draw Sati and Parvati too ? I wish to get a tattoo of either one and I would be very grateful if the artist is you. No offence, but I am even willing to pay royalty for using your work as a tattoo. Sati and Parvati please.
Dhrumeel Dutia@ 4:45am 04-16-2017
Rally wonderful! Can you mail me your works? I want it for my personal use, no reproduction commercially. I know one can easily download, but sitting and downloading each one takes time, plus you would have better quality images too. T
Thanking you in advance,
Dhrumeel Dutia
Shashi Shekhar@ 12:37am 04-16-2017
Kudos to the hard work that you brought in your art. Especially impressed by your imagination bro. Keep up the good work.

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