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Rajesh Rajput@ 10:27am 02-15-2017
Anirudh plz connect on my email its very important I am unable to connect to you by other means. Plz reply on my email.
Barbie Garrett@ 5:38am 02-13-2017
I love your work!
Jaymin@ 2:32am 02-12-2017
Make one of the art of karna
Rajesh Rajput@ 12:42pm 02-11-2017
Hi Anirudh I would like to connect with you for an exciting business proposal. Mr sanjay Khan Actor Director and Producer would like to meet for the same kindly contact me on my email or 9619476511. Plz take this urgent
Vardaan Singhal@ 11:56pm 02-04-2017
Mr. Sainath,

Your artwork is a treat to my eyes. The fact that you take references from the literal text to create your artwork is something that drives my attention. It is a really positive step of yours to push the boundaries of the perception towards mythological characters.

Being a designing student at NIFT, it would be an honor to meet you. Maybe we can exchange some knowledge.

Your reply would be anticipated.
deepak@ 11:14am 01-31-2017
harvinder Gogna@ 6:27am 01-31-2017
you sellthis artsplease response .
Sarang@ 2:21pm 01-29-2017
Hi Anirudh,

I am a frequent visitor to your site and I love your artwork. The way you've depicted Indian mythology characters is too awesome and it definitely invokes interest in mythology which is indeed very important from a cultural perspective. The sketches show how rich and powerful our characters were and why they acquire such a deep respectful place in our lives and heart.
All the best and cheers and btw I'd love to have you visit my blogs
Kish Dusharla@ 2:09pm 01-28-2017
Hey Anirudh,
Wud like to connect to discuss some projects, drop me a mail w contact details... Will get in touch

Kish Dusharla
kalyan kumar@ 8:18pm 01-20-2017
Excellent creativity.
Hats of to you. Boss
Krrao@ 3:47pm 01-08-2017
Awesome, yes I truly agree with you as religious fanatics are increasing the concept of VEDAS are misguided , where as other countries are taking in a right direction and trying to beautify their lives., these fanatics are always there will be there don't worry keep it up
Bhavana@ 9:39pm 01-06-2017
Hi Anirudh,

I came through your work from facebook. Its really amazing. Your drawings gave a new perspective to characters we know☺. Keep up the good work☺
Nik@ 9:28am 12-26-2016
Hi Anirudh, I'm working on a short story, and might be interesting in getting some custom drawings from you. Would you be interested? Do let me know.
Abhishek Sagar@ 9:22am 12-14-2016
Hello Molee
Hope you remember me from facebook, have been following your work since the very early times. And I had taken your suggestions for my Pashupati artwork! I would be moving to delhi very soon, see you around.
rajesh thakur@ 11:37am 12-10-2016
Hi all r creative and realistic to epic but female charectors are quite not creditable,rest all nice.

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