Snehal@ 5:12pm 08-13-2016
Love your drawings and depiction in these forms. I wish you all the best. Stay blessed. Will keep track of your work.
Rajiv Shah@ 5:20pm 08-12-2016
Dear, I liked your paintings, Can I contact you personally? My Mob. no 93205 32909 / Wht app 96999 32909
Ankit Singh@ 12:41pm 08-12-2016
Hello man, earlier I really appreciated your art and work and all that stuff that you've uploaded, and I too noticed those nude paintings of the Goddesses you have painted, I'm too a painter and love to paint the nude paintings of the mothers of several people, and from my prospective I really believe you wouldn’t mind if I'll paint a nude painting of your mother (Don't take it personally, I’m not meant to offend you) but seriously for once just imagine an artistic hell nude painting of your mother, I know you'll like it because you too believe that there's no restriction towards artistry, artistry should be accepted with broad thinking, we better be broadminded. But again you are going to oppose that painting of your mother kicking that entire broad mind prospective or artistic boundation kind of things, because obviously she’s your mother. Similarly, the nude paintings that you've painted of Goddesses are mothers of many people including me as well. I'm here to explain you that art is not about hurting someone's feelings, because if it so, then I’m sure you won’t mind if I'll upload a nude painting of your or anyone's mother or sister, because those Goddess to whom you have painted are too the mothers and reason of living of many people. I request you to repaint all those paintings in the form in which a “Mother”, the MAA, the best friend, the sole reason of existence of every being, the women who bear the entire pain for her children, the women who sacrifices her life and dreams for the sake her family, is supposed to be painted.
Vivek Tiwari@ 9:48am 08-12-2016
That is most amazing Hindu gods Drawings i have ever seen. keep it up brother..hope you have great success in your life.. #salute_to_your_talent
Parameswaran Karthik@ 6:56am 08-12-2016
Hi Ani, your deception of Lord Muruga was awesome. Simply mind blowing. To extend your fantasy, can you try Voldemort of Harry Potter for instance. Also any way i can get the high quality of Murugan please....
Ankit Singh@ 5:46pm 08-11-2016
You are the best person in the universe, marvelous depiction of Hinduism, you're the best my brother !!!
Monika@ 8:24am 08-11-2016
Hi Anirudh,
Mesmerised is only word I will use to express my mind. What an unusual and distinctive portrayal of our Hindu mythology. Fascinated by your work. Keep it going. Good luck!
sasikumar@ 12:28am 08-11-2016
I guess if marvel or dc comics see your paintings they will surely make a movie out of our mythology stories. It's super awesome and great. All the best. I have a feeling you are going to be big.
Harikrishnan@ 6:26pm 08-10-2016
Awesome pictures dear
Rajesh Lokhande@ 5:15pm 08-10-2016
Hi Anirudh,
After Raji ravi Varma's Painting, I liked your mindblowing painting & Creation, It is very very adorable & admirable paintings.
Abhishek@ 8:16pm 07-23-2016
Hi Aniruddh,

I am one of the admirers of your artwork. Your creations are surreal and yet seems very real and humane. It shows your passion for mythology, and it happens to be that I am also very passionate about it. These artworks depict your diligent effort to give life to a very beautiful part of our culture which we are forgetting.
Please keep me posted about anything new.

An ardent admirer.
Sai Vamsi Kiran@ 4:45pm 07-08-2016
Awesome artwork dude!! Mindblowing... Are any of your artworks for sale?
Vishal Sharma@ 3:59pm 07-03-2016
Hello Anirudh, I like your artwork a lot and the way you depict hindu mythology in a different way
Ruchika Arora@ 5:37am 07-03-2016
Hi Anirudh, i m interested in one of your arts, do you sell, if yes - please confirm your price. Please email me at
Abhiram@ 7:17pm 06-19-2016
Hi Anirudh, congrats to you and your art. You ar amazing, fantastic.
I have a request. Plese make a art gallery on Mahabharata characters.
Firstly karna

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