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Rohit@ 9:35am 04-22-2016
Keep this continue i belive, that one day you will be become a great artist bhai
nagesh mahajan@ 2:26am 04-22-2016
Hi, really impressed the way you think...Cary on dear GOD BLESS! would like to talk to u. My contact no 9882794564
Abhilash Sinha Roy.@ 10:50pm 04-21-2016
Hi, Anirudh. Iv written to you once before. About a graphic novel idea for which I need an illustrator... The genre is mythical fiction epic, your style would be apt. As such I renew my request for you to consider it. Response eagerly awaited. Thank you.
Jagdish Bairwa@ 6:39pm 04-21-2016
wonderful ..awesome .good Job
Manish Ketkar@ 1:32am 04-21-2016
Good Job Buddy
dave@ 1:14am 04-21-2016
Pride of India
lalita@ 7:20pm 04-20-2016
hi anirudh,
awesome work. i like to paint but not so good. my dad was an artist . do you conduct any classes. can i paint some of your creations. plz reply
Manish Menon@ 12:53pm 04-20-2016
Hi Anirudh,

Good stuff mate. Damn cool it is. Rudra and Krishna's work especially. Looks like the Indian version of Manga. Might get a tattoo done based on your designs
Madhusudan@ 12:15pm 04-20-2016
Hi Anirudh,

Absolutely love your paintings. How do I reach you? I want to buy a couple of them.

Shrihari@ 11:04am 04-20-2016
Awesome work . Keep doing it
Smutesh@ 10:20am 04-20-2016
Bro... You are too good... Your art take's Indian mythology to a different level all together... Keep up the good work...
Anish@ 1:26am 04-20-2016
Huge fan.. keep up the great work..cheers
Mahesh Yeligeti@ 11:18pm 04-19-2016
Please give you contact I want to meet you once.
Mahesh Yeligeti@ 11:01pm 04-19-2016
Myself Mahesh, I am an experienced graphic designer cum artist. your work is very excited me. I thought firstly it was made by some other western artist. but I impressed when I realised this high standard mahabharatha's news stylised characters made by you. it was so super marvellous work you have done. And other side you did a lots hard work which I can see in your artworks. you have proven without any art degree any person can create such wonderful artworks if they could be passionate about art. being a digital artist. I haven't seen before any Indian digital artist can make such a excellent work. wonderful bro. keep up your work. let all indians proud of your work.
ao_yuu@ 7:41pm 04-19-2016
Your entire gallery is awesome!
I hope you'll keep the passion of being an artist. Because you're doing really well. Don't waste your talent. Keep it up!

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