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Vishal Sharma@ 3:59pm 07-03-2016
Hello Anirudh, I like your artwork a lot and the way you depict hindu mythology in a different way
Ruchika Arora@ 5:37am 07-03-2016
Hi Anirudh, i m interested in one of your arts, do you sell, if yes - please confirm your price. Please email me at
Abhiram@ 7:17pm 06-19-2016
Hi Anirudh, congrats to you and your art. You ar amazing, fantastic.
I have a request. Plese make a art gallery on Mahabharata characters.
Firstly karna
Sachin@ 10:52pm 06-14-2016
Hi Anirudha,

I wanted to know if I can buy your arts ?? as I actually wanted to use it in my website. Please reply me on my email id Thanks
Mrs Alagu Muthu@ 10:46pm 06-10-2016
Anirudh ,just gone through your work and truly appreciated it ....quite unique ....congratulations. I have a project in mind ...for children and would very much like to discuss it with you ...should you be interested please contact me .
Thank you
Mrs Muthu
Ramya Bhargava@ 1:29am 06-09-2016
Anirudh, I love some of your depictions, especially Arjuna, Varuna and Krishna. Kindly let me know how I can purchase your art.
Priyank Augustya@ 12:07am 06-09-2016
Dear Anirudha ,
It's amazing piece of great art. I love your drawings and the addendum with few of them. Keep up great work.. We are proud of you.. And you van start writing comics on the mythological characters or a good standard cartoon movie. All the best Anirudha...
caesurae collective@ 1:35am 06-07-2016
please e mail
Santhamohan@ 11:40am 06-02-2016
Simply awesome, amazing, marvelous etc etc etc.
Keep going.
Everyone in my family likee your art.
You are amazing in talent!!!!!!!
Shailendrra@ 6:38pm 05-28-2016
Hey Anirudh , I'm Shailendrra from Malaysia and I love all your drawings. Simply Epic man.You're doing great , and hope that I could see more of your awesome drawings.All the best dude
smriti dewangan@ 1:07am 05-24-2016
Hi Anirudh.!
You have earned a Fan today. Really.! You are so amazingly talented buddy.
I mean i'm this one person who gets attracted towards paintings (basically artists :-P ) like how a magnet gets towards an iron piece., well thats the kind of passion i have for painting.! I'm from bangalore and would love to meet you if you come to bangalore next time.
Arjun Pillai@ 4:17pm 05-17-2016
You just rewritten our image about the epic characters... it was so nice to see those amazing works you have done.. keep doing
Rishi Jain@ 3:03pm 05-16-2016
Dear Anirudh ,

We would like to get in touch with you. We represent is a platform for affordable and authentic art which is headquartered in Kolkata and has started operations Nationally as well as Los Angeles. ( for now )

We are currently looking for new artists and upcoming talent through the existing art community of Kolkata initially, then nationally and slowly globally .

We have already figured and listed 18 channels through which art can be sold ... This can be online , art exporters , galleries , auctions and events . We are scheduling our first ever " affordable art auction " in the end of May , first week June .

We have also applied for two patents in art technology and strongly believe and support the PM's Startup India Policy.

Do take a look around the website and let us know if you are interested in displaying the work .

Regards ,

Rishi Jain
Rahul Bhutoria@ 8:38am 05-11-2016
I will be travelling to Delhi on the 15th of may. Like to see your paintings and meet you. Please contact me if you are interested. Rahul
Ashish@ 4:53pm 05-03-2016
Great One. Please share your email ID to buy your paintings

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